National Honors Society’s Clothing Drive: Spread the Warmth

Angelo Ledda ‘24

Throughout the winter, the National Honors Society at Salesian High School holds its annual clothing drive. This is a tradition for NHS members where various clothing items could be donated by not only the faculty and administration, but also the entire student body. The clothes that are earned will be delivered to the less fortunate that need warmth during this cold time of the year. Additionally, when the Youth Ministry team at Salesian goes for their “Midnight Run” they will deliver more of the donated clothes. The “Midnight Run” occurs monthly and is runned by the Youth Ministry. Its members along with volunteers will go into Manhattan in the evening and give various items to the poor such as: food, clothes, and toiletries. NHS and Youth Ministry members work together for a goal of kindness.

Once the winter months passed, it was time for NHS members to gather the clothes in an organized fashion. One day after classes, every member of the National Honors Society met in the George Janvier Student Lobby of Salesian in order to count how many clothes were gathered and to properly sort them. Some people worked on gathering up jackets and putting them in specific bags while others worked on gathering hats, socks, and gloves which they then placed in separate bags. Afterwards, those who sorted the clothes told other members the amount they collected and what types were contained in the bags. The bags were then labeled by other members collecting the information. Participants in the National Honors Society worked together as a massive team to achieve this goal.

The “Spread the Warmth” clothing drive was a huge success and is a great legacy for Salesian High School. In total, over one-hundred pieces of clothing had been donated to charity. The National Honors Society makes sure to involve itself with the world and help fix issues that affect others. The Youth Ministry at Salesian practices Jesus’ teachings through their kind acts. Together, both accomplish goals of giving aid to those that are less fortunate. All in all, it was through the kindness of these organizations that many underprivileged families could be warm this winter.