On Midterms and Managing Stress

Jacob Matos ‘ 23

In January, high school students around the country prepared  themselves for their midterm exams. Generally, midterm exams are used to gauge the comprehension of students in the courses they take throughout the year. Students are tasked with studying, reviewing, and practicing class material that was covered from the beginning of the school year to January. These test-taking procedures help adequately prepare students for success on these exams. 

At Salesian High School, both the faculty and administration work together to give the students the necessary tools to perform well on these exams. For instance, not only do Salesian students review material before ‘Midterms Week’, but we also have a designated review day. This review day is a mandatory and designated day for teachers to review material that was covered in the beginning of the year with their students. Additionally, the review day was implemented so that students can ask any questions they may possibly have, so the stress during the exams is minimized. The teachers are there for the benefit and wellbeing of the students. 

It is completely understandable that it is easy to be in distress because of the back-to-back exams. However, at Salesian High School, the teachers are a great resource and support system in times of academic or personal stress. In times like these, when midterms week is fastly approaching, it is apparent how close the Salesian community truly is. As a student who attended Salesian High School for four years, I can attest that the teachers and administrators help tremendously throughout the year, but most especially during times of midterms and finals. As a student of Salesian High School, it is reassuring to know that we may be expected to do our best but have help in the process. 

With the beginning of a new semester, I remain hopeful that everyone was successful during the midterms week and learned lessons from experiencing these exams. If you did not make the grade you had wanted, just keep in mind that it doesn’t fully reflect who you are as a student or person, and there is nothing wrong with there being room for improvement because there is always an opportunity to do better the next time around.