Salesian Spirit Week: The Everlasting Fun

Aaron Jiang ’23

It has been yet another thrilling January’s end here at Salesian High, where all the fun de-stresses you after the week-long midterm! Monday and Tuesday were filled with Salesian pride as everyone donned their blue and white on Salesian Day, and dressed to impress on St. Don Bosco Feast Day Mass. Even more exciting was that showing their Salesian High School apparel on Monday earned respective students of the four grade levels extra points!

On Wednesday, we celebrated our favorite sports teams with Sports Jersey Day! It was a sight to see everyone grabbing their favorite jersey and showing their respective support. And for all those attentive listeners who kept their Rector Major shirts from his visit ages back, they were in luck for a sweet payout: wearing a Rector Major shirt gets you extra points for your team as opposed to the jersey. However, salesian students seemed to have prioritized their support for their sports teams more than earning that bonus point on that day, which is understandable.

On Thursday, it was the time to celebrate the diversity of our school community with Flag Day. Students were wearing the colors of the flag from their country, or countries, they or their families are from. It was a great way to show off your heritage and bring the world you’ve come from here to Salesian High School!

And finally, drum roll please: what enthralling time to rumble with Color Wars on Friday! Freshmen wore white, Sophomores, black, Juniors, red, and Seniors, blue.

Now that’s not all that happened during Salesian’s Spirit Week. There were many things outside the simple dress downs to earn you bonus points as well. Throughout the week, various students participated in daily events such as Penny Wars in the Cassin Commons, Don Bosco Song in the Chapel, a Relay Race on the Front Field, the Salesian High School Basketball Game, a Ping Pong Tournament in the Student Lobby, another Salesian High School Basketball Game, and earned Star Points in our classrooms. These Star Points are given by teachers at their discretion to what they felt like was the best behaving and most deserving student, so most were successful in impressing their teachers throughout the week. There were intriguing instances for these star point earning circumstances such as where a student earned several stars within one day due to the fact that it happened to be their birthday. Fair or not, it was definitely one exhilarating week. However, there was always the rule to all this fun: detentions have deducted 25 points from each grade level team’s total. 

Moreover, we have other awesome activities within this packed schedule for each day whether it be the AM Salesian Don Bosco Trivia, Faculty Trivia, Faculty Baby Pictures, Morphed Faces, or the eagerly anticipated Eaglemania Sign-Up. I personally had much fun with the Faculty Baby Pictures as it always comes with surprises and new revelations regarding our beloved teachers. And of course, we can’t forget about the Pep Rally for Basketball during 8th period in the Wiegand Center, Mass in the Wiegand Center, and after school Basketball in the Parking Lot at Flaherty Hall.

On Friday, we ended the week with a bang within Eagle Mania where all grade levels had participated within four events to earn the final huge amounts of points for the week: free throw, spike ball, tug-a-war, and relay race. 

All of the aforementioned events will all earn you points for the entire week. It was notable to mention that the Juniors held on to their first place and were extremely active throughout the whole week as opposed to the seniors who proudly grounded their last place among the four grade levels, which both remained to be true Monday morning when Fr. Jim, our school president, announced the final results, refusing to take the bribe of a thousand-dollar phone the way. Therefore, congratulations to the juniors for earning a yet decided day off from school! 

This Spirit Week 2023 must have been the best one yet here on Salesian High School campus!