The House of Representatives Gains a New Speaker

Angelo Ledda ‘24

Every two years, the United States holds Midterm Elections, an event where each state elects state governors, House Representatives, and Senators. With Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of her resignation as Speaker of the House, it meant that a new Speaker was to be elected.  The Speaker of the House plays a significant role in the American government. They’re essentially the leader of the House, dealing with many critical tasks such as maintaining order while decisions are being made, governing all 435 members of the House, and managing events with the American government and other parts of the world.

The election of a new speaker sparked many heated debates and controversies among the House.The Republican Party won the House by a narrow margin with 222 seats, with the Democratic Party claiming  213 seats. The main Democratic nominee was Hakeem Jeffries and the main Republican nominee was Kevin McCarthy. It was expected that McCarthy would instantly win since the Republican Party had a majority of seats in the house, and yet, something unexpected happened.