Top Netflix Shows of the February Month

Bilal Malik ’24

It’s hard to keep up with all the new shows Netflix releases each month, but that’s especially true for this February. Here you’ll find yourself a compilation of excellent Netflix shows to watch and enjoy in February.

First and foremost: Outer Banks, a drama series that follows a group of children from the Outer Banks, North Carolina, on a mission to find a long-lost treasure, but they face various troubles along the way. Right behind is his Squid Game, his sci-fi thriller about a group of people who are pulled into a virtual world where they must win the game.

Other shows include ‘You’, a psychological thriller about a stalker who has a scary obsession; ‘Stranger Things’, a supernatural drama about a group of adventurous kids who must save their town from a mysterious monster; moreover, ‘The Paper Tigers’, a martial arts movie about three former kung fu prodigies taking down a strong gang.

For those looking for lighter fare, ‘Party Down’ is a revival of the popular cult sitcom about a group of aspiring entertainers who work as caterers; ‘The Mandalorian’, a space western about a bounty hunter protecting a weird creature; furthermore, ‘Tiger King’, a docu-series about a zoo owner and his associates.