DeSales Trip to the Guggenheim

Silas Gonzalez ’24

On March 8th, the DeSales Honors program had the privilege of viewing the special exhibition by world renowned artist Nick Cave at the Guggenheim Museum.  

Cave has been celebrated internationally for his elaborate and advanced textile works. As our tour guide put it: Cave’s work is neologism, a style that reflects Cave’s commitment to enlightening others who are marginalized by dominant forces in society and culture through his art pieces. Cave’s exhibit Forothermore featured his iconic Soundsuits, sculpted with intricate costume design and instruments. 

The exhibition was sectioned thematically in thirds with the titles “What it Was,” “What it Is,” and “What it Shall Be.” The titles represented personal anecdotes in Cave’s life and the old African American greetings. “What it Was” was focused on early works that honored those in the formative era of Cave’s life, such as his grandfather’s tools representing his wise lessons. “What it Is” included Cave’s collage that addresses the loss and oppression of the marginalized, while also joyously celebrating their strengths. “What it Shall Be” features Cave’s signature Soundsuits.

With a spectacular art exhibit and a fun trip to the city, the Guggenheim Museum was enlightening and fun.