Hogwarts Legacy Review

Matthew Campoverde ’24

On February 10, 2023, a momentous game for the wizarding world was released, Hogwarts Legacy. Based around the world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy is the first time people have been able to truly experience this beloved universe in a modern video game. Through this game, players are able to insert themselves within this world of magic by creating their own character to navigate Hogwarts and the rest of the explorable world. With stunning visuals and great attention to detail, Hogwarts Legacy provides an immersive experience into the wizard world of Harry Potter. 


Hogwarts Legacy begins with your character beginning to enter Hogwarts as a fifth year, which is a rather peculiar case. Regardless, you are taken to Hogwarts accompanied by Professor Fig when the situation begins to go off the rails. Throughout the brief yet treacherous journey to Hogwarts, you begin to discover the beginnings of the rise of a dangerous conflict that threatens the balance of the world. While you tackle this issue, you must also deal with the many hurdles that come with being a fifth year student along with the countless perils that you must overcome along this road. 


In terms of gameplay, Hogwarts Legacy excels in every category. Its graphics look phenomenal, while the world is intricately built with countless tasks to complete and locations to explore. Most importantly, the combat system within the game provides limitless options. With various spells, numerous different combinations are available and ready for a player’s use. Players can choose to be a traditional witch or wizard or succumb to the dark arts, which are able to be unleashed in Hogwarts Legacy. Through its vast open world and care towards the intricate developed magic of the Harry Potter series, Hogwarts Legacy is a game that all players can find universal enjoyment in.