“The Time Things Looked Up”

Tristen Martinez ’25

Initially, I believed that the transition from middle into high school was nerve-wracking, but it was up until I became a member of the Salesian community that all my worries went away. It was the day after graduation from 8th grade. I was finally relieved from the stress I dealt with in my old school. I felt a lot more free during the summer. My brother told me how high school would put me to the test and how I can benefit my future within it. I thought things were only going to get harder because of many things going on. But then came the day I stepped foot into Salesian, and my freshman year officially started.

It may only be my second year in Salesian, but saying my freshman year was a blast is an understatement. I actually could not wait until the next day came, and always wondered what it would bring. Salesian became like my actual home, and a place where I can calm down from my actual thoughts. I was always motivated to strive for good grades, and enjoyed associating myself with others, and also enjoyed helping others. Another best part was when I joined AM Salesian. The club was one of the best things I ever did in any school. I really enjoyed doing the prayer as many times as I did and the one time I did announcements at the end of freshman year.  The decision of choosing Salesian as my high school was definitely the best decision I ever made in my life.

Sophomore year just came to a start and I am excited for what this year holds. I realized that if I want to enhance the fact that things are looking up, I should get more involved. As soon as I laid eyes on the variety of clubs, I immediately saw how I could get more involved. Joining many of the clubs was another great decision I had made not only for myself, but for the school. My gratitude and appreciation for Salesian is unlike any other I ever had and will continue to grow as the years pass.