Salesian Spirit Week: The Everlasting Fun

Aaron Jiang '23 It has been yet another thrilling January’s end here at Salesian High, where all the fun de-stresses you after the week-long midterm! Monday and Tuesday were filled with Salesian pride as everyone donned their blue and white on Salesian Day, and dressed to impress on St. Don Bosco Feast Day Mass. Even … Continue reading Salesian Spirit Week: The Everlasting Fun

The House of Representatives Gains a New Speaker

Angelo Ledda ‘24 Every two years, the United States holds Midterm Elections, an event where each state elects state governors, House Representatives, and Senators. With Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of her resignation as Speaker of the House, it meant that a new Speaker was to be elected.  The Speaker of the House plays a significant role … Continue reading The House of Representatives Gains a New Speaker

National Honors Society’s Clothing Drive: Spread the Warmth

Angelo Ledda ‘24 Throughout the winter, the National Honors Society at Salesian High School holds its annual clothing drive. This is a tradition for NHS members where various clothing items could be donated by not only the faculty and administration, but also the entire student body. The clothes that are earned will be delivered to … Continue reading National Honors Society’s Clothing Drive: Spread the Warmth

Regeneron DeSales Trip

Silas Gonzalez ‘24 In spirit of this year’s MCE theme of change, members of the Saint Francis DeSales Honors program visited the Regeneron Lab in Sleepy Hollow, New York. With two separate experiments, the “Detecting a Jumping Gene” lab, and the “Forensic DNA Profiling” lab, students were able to fully experience the evolution of scientific … Continue reading Regeneron DeSales Trip

Accepted Students Night

Silas Gonzalez ‘24 On February 1st, over 70 eighth graders got to see what Salesian is all about at Accepted Students Night. Accepted Students Night revolved around the Salesian experience. Eighth graders accepted into Salesian enjoyed a variety of activities in the Wiegand Center, with Salesian students running activities such as basketball and soccer. Inside … Continue reading Accepted Students Night