Top 5 Anime Currently Streaming 

Matthew Campoverde ‘24 Over the summer, various anime came out that were very enjoyable watches, such as Classroom of the Elite and Call of the Night. However, these anime have come to an end, so us fans find ourselves with a new conundrum. What do we watch now? Luckily, there are numerous anime returning and … Continue reading Top 5 Anime Currently Streaming 

Movie Review: Bullet Train (2022)

Matthew Ron Valeriano ‘24 Bullet Train is an exciting, comedy-action movie that everyone can watch for a laugh. The movie plays with a generic action-movie plot with world-renowned assassins, gory fighting scenes, and the usual, expected ending of the good guy surviving miraculously. However, Bullet Train stands out from similar movies for the inclusion of … Continue reading Movie Review: Bullet Train (2022)

YouTube vs. Twitch

Silas Gonzalez ‘24 The recent PR spirals of media platforms YouTube and Twitch have led to a mass difference of opinion when it comes to their viability.   Recent Changes What was originally a Washington Post Twitch leak was confirmed true on September 21: A message from Twitch President Tom Clancy confirmed that Twitch would be … Continue reading YouTube vs. Twitch

Try Guys Try Adultery

Silas Gonzalez ‘24 You know that one Try Guy who loves his wife? You’re never gonna believe this… This past Labor Day weekend the Try Guys, a popular YouTube team, learned from fans that their co-worker, Ned Fulmer, had publicly engaged in romantic behavior with an employee of their company.  According to member Keith Habersberger, … Continue reading Try Guys Try Adultery

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool, MCU Debut Confirmed

Silas Gonzalez ‘24 Alongside Hugh Jackman, Liar, to have a surprise reprisal of Wolverine The “Merc with the Mouth” makes a mesmerizing reappearance in the widely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Actor Ryan Reynolds made a video in September announcing Deadpool 3 to be released in 2024.  Two big surprises were present: Deadpool 3 would take … Continue reading Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool, MCU Debut Confirmed