Video Games as a Modern Art Form

Eric Richter '23 When playing your favorite video games, all the factors that go into making the game feel good to play, listen to, and look at might just go over your head . From basic textures of the ground, to the design of the world, and the music that accompanies it, there are multiple … Continue reading Video Games as a Modern Art Form

Hogwarts Legacy Review

Matthew Campoverde '24 On February 10, 2023, a momentous game for the wizarding world was released, Hogwarts Legacy. Based around the world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy is the first time people have been able to truly experience this beloved universe in a modern video game. Through this game, players are able to insert themselves … Continue reading Hogwarts Legacy Review

        “The Time Things Looked Up”

Tristen Martinez '25 Initially, I believed that the transition from middle into high school was nerve-wracking, but it was up until I became a member of the Salesian community that all my worries went away. It was the day after graduation from 8th grade. I was finally relieved from the stress I dealt with in … Continue reading         “The Time Things Looked Up”

Salesian Spirit Week: The Everlasting Fun

Aaron Jiang '23 It has been yet another thrilling January’s end here at Salesian High, where all the fun de-stresses you after the week-long midterm! Monday and Tuesday were filled with Salesian pride as everyone donned their blue and white on Salesian Day, and dressed to impress on St. Don Bosco Feast Day Mass. Even … Continue reading Salesian Spirit Week: The Everlasting Fun

Top Netflix Shows of the February Month

Bilal Malik '24 It's hard to keep up with all the new shows Netflix releases each month, but that’s especially true for this February. Here you’ll find yourself a compilation of excellent Netflix shows to watch and enjoy in February. First and foremost: Outer Banks, a drama series that follows a group of children from … Continue reading Top Netflix Shows of the February Month