The NBA Season: Some surprises

Matthew Pierpont ‘23 We are about a month into the new NBA season, and we have some big surprises from some NBA teams. First off, the defending champs, Golden State Warriors have been off to a slow start, even with Curry averaging 31 PPG. The rest of the roster is scoring under 20 a game, … Continue reading The NBA Season: Some surprises

MLB Postseason: The Unexpected

Michael Sanfratello  As the MLB Postseason progresses, we can see teams advancing that I personally thought would get out in the first round, but as we can clearly see that is definitely not the case. Both the Philadelphia Phillies and the San Diego Padres have advanced so much farther than I would have thought. Now … Continue reading MLB Postseason: The Unexpected

The Predictions of the NBA Season: The Progress of NBA teams

Matthew Pierpont ‘23 The NBA is back! Every fan of every team is so excited to see what their team has in store. The Golden State Warriors are ready to begin their season after winning their 4th title in 8 years, in hopes of a 5th. The Boston Celtics are wanting it more than ever, … Continue reading The Predictions of the NBA Season: The Progress of NBA teams

Why Be Hype About Salesian Volleyball!!

By Marco La Vecchia Four years ago, the Salesian Volleyball team went undefeated in the regular season and fought hard in the championship. Covid took over the next season. And the Season after that was comparable to the NBA’s “bubble.” So what has become of the team now that many of covid’s restrictions are over? … Continue reading Why Be Hype About Salesian Volleyball!!