Queen Elizabeth II: A Life Of Legacy

Aaron Jiang '23 Queen Elizabeth II began life just like any one of us: an infant in her mother’s arms. In the picture above, she was held by her mother of the same name, Elizabeth, and her father who would later on become King George VI. Such were the humble beginnings of all of us, … Continue reading Queen Elizabeth II: A Life Of Legacy

Russia Ukraine War Update

Tristen Martinez '25 As the war between Russia and Ukraine enters its seventh month, Ukraine has been fighting back attempting to keep claiming back its territories that were taken over by Russia. Russia, however, said its president, Vladimir Putin, will annex four territories in a ceremony on September 30, 2022. This was after Putin threatened to … Continue reading Russia Ukraine War Update

The Predictions of the NBA Season: The Progress of NBA teams

Matthew Pierpont ‘23 The NBA is back! Every fan of every team is so excited to see what their team has in store. The Golden State Warriors are ready to begin their season after winning their 4th title in 8 years, in hopes of a 5th. The Boston Celtics are wanting it more than ever, … Continue reading The Predictions of the NBA Season: The Progress of NBA teams

Love vs. Lust

Matthew Campoverde ‘24 Throughout relationships, it is easy to confuse lust with love. It is even very common to do lustful acts without even realizing it. Moreover, most relationships provide a mix of both aspects through the actions taken, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing that will destroy a relationship. Nevertheless, it depends on … Continue reading Love vs. Lust