Love vs. Lust

Matthew Campoverde ‘24 Throughout relationships, it is easy to confuse lust with love. It is even very common to do lustful acts without even realizing it. Moreover, most relationships provide a mix of both aspects through the actions taken, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing that will destroy a relationship. Nevertheless, it depends on … Continue reading Love vs. Lust

What Is Starlink?

By Timothy Nguyen '23 Do you know how the internet, your very “lifeline” in the modern age, is provided to you? Personally, I believe it is a process that is heavily underappreciated, and with Starlink, a possibly revolutionary project, it may become even more complex.  SpaceX, a renowned spaceflight company founded by Elon Musk, is … Continue reading What Is Starlink?

Sea Levels Rising: Causes and Consequences

Ramon Reid '23 One major global problem that we are combating right now is the effects of climate change and how it is currently contributing to a rapid rise in sea levels. Sea levels have risen about 8-9 inches since 1880, according to This can pose an existential problem in the future considering the … Continue reading Sea Levels Rising: Causes and Consequences

The Origins of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Nicholas Maspons ‘22 The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has existed for years. Tensions have risen more than ever with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. This issue is being covered by practically every media outlet and is certainly the most spoken of conflict today. Although new reports are being released about this continuing situation … Continue reading The Origins of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict