Spectator Staff

About me:

Greetings guys! My name is Aaron Jiang, and for the last 4 years of my high school career I have endeavor to make Salesian a better place in a variety of areas, where its students are extremely active and are engaged in multiple aspects in the school community, championing the nuclear family that we are. Throughout my time at Salesian, I have worked feverishly to serve in my zeal to better my fellow students through my leadership roles, guiding and impacting their lives in all the possible ways. My ambition is to promote the young talented students of Salesian to be courageous in pursuing what they love and give a voice to their individual unique opinions, allowing them to express themselves in an eloquent and truthful manner, eventually in the real world. As the 3rd and new incoming Editor-in-chief of Salesian Spectator, I aim to preserve the Spectator, since my predecessors Armando and Sherquan, in the service of providing a platform where my school community can remain safe, informed, and empowered.

Current Leadership Positions

Computer Science Club – President (2019 – current).

Debate Club – Secretary (2021 – current)

Environmental Club – Secretary (2021 – current)

Science Club – President (2021 – current)

Salesian Spectator – Editor-In-Chief (2019-current)

Math Club – Founder (2022 – current)

Student Council – Homeroom Representative (2021 – current)

Salesian Robotics Team – Lead Programmer (2021 – current)

National Honor Society – President (2020 – current)

Current Staff

Publisher: Mr. Andrew Marinaccio ’09 (2022-current)

Editor-in-Chief: Aaron Jiang ’23 (2019 – current)

Managing Director: Timothy Nguyen ’23 (2019 – current)

Assignment Editor:  Angelo Ledda ’24 (2021 – current)

Editor of Student Life: Jacob Matos ’23 (2021 – current)

Editor of Arts, Culture & Technology: Eric Richter ’23 (2021 – current)

Editor of School Sports: Ramon Reid ’23 (2021 – current)

Editor of World Politics: Eric Narvaez ’23 (2021 – current)

Senior Writer: Xavier Micka ’23

Writer: Silas Gonzalez ’24

Writer: Lucas Rojas ’24

Writer: Adriano Medeiros III ´22

Writer: Bilal Malik

Writer: Matthew Campoverde ’24

Writer: Matthew Tirabasso ’23

Writer: Silas Gonzalez ’24

Writer: Daniel Brito ’24

Writer: Nicholas Santiago- Massa ’24

Writer: Tristen Martinez ’25

Writer: Quincy Morrison ’26

Writer: Matthew Pierpont ’23