Spectator Staff

About me:

Hey everyone! My name is Silas Gonzalez, and for the last 4 years of my high school career, I have strived to help Salesian become a better place in a variety of areas, where its students can be extremely active and engaged all throughout the school community, showcasing the inspiring family that we are. Throughout my time at Salesian, I have believed that my Salesian brothers are special, and deserve to have their voices in the limelight. Furthermore, I believe that the passions and news within our community are something that must be shared. Through the Salesian Spectator, we have a chance to inspire, inform, and engage with our community. Our voices and our perspectives MATTER, and I truly believe our contributions create a meaningful impact on our community. In my time as Chief, my ambition is to promote these young talented Salesians and motivate them to pursue what they love zealously. As the 4th and new incoming Editor-in-Chief of Salesian Spectator, I aim to preserve the Spectator, since my predecessors, Aaron, Armando, and Sherquan, in the service of providing a platform where my school community can remain safe, informed, and empowered.

Current achievements

Salesian Editor-in-Chief, (2023-current)

National Honors Society Member

Saint Francis DeSales Honors Program Member

Community Service Award (200 Hours)

Math and Reading Tutor

Current Staff

Publisher: Mr. Andrew Marinaccio ’09 (2022-current)

Editor-in-Chief: Silas Gonzalez ’24 (2021 – current)

Managing Director: Angelo Ledda ’24 (2021 – current)

Assignment Editor:  Matthew Campoverde Delgado ’24 (2021 – current)

Editor of Student Life: Jonathan Lopez ’24 (2021 – current)

Editor of Arts, Culture & Technology: Matthew Ron ’24 (2021 – current)

Editor of School Sports: Lucas Rojas ’24 (2021 – current)

Editor of World Politics: Bilal Malik ’24 (2021 – current)

Writer: Silas Gonzalez ’24

Writer: Lucas Rojas ’24

Writer: Adriano Medeiros III ´22

Writer: Bilal Malik

Writer: Matthew Campoverde ’24

Writer: Matthew Tirabasso ’23

Writer: Silas Gonzalez ’24

Writer: Daniel Brito ’24

Writer: Nicholas Santiago- Massa ’24

Writer: Tristen Martinez ’25

Writer: Quincy Morrison ’26

Writer: Matthew Pierpont ’23