Video Games as a Modern Art Form

Eric Richter '23 When playing your favorite video games, all the factors that go into making the game feel good to play, listen to, and look at might just go over your head . From basic textures of the ground, to the design of the world, and the music that accompanies it, there are multiple … Continue reading Video Games as a Modern Art Form

Hogwarts Legacy Review

Matthew Campoverde '24 On February 10, 2023, a momentous game for the wizarding world was released, Hogwarts Legacy. Based around the world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy is the first time people have been able to truly experience this beloved universe in a modern video game. Through this game, players are able to insert themselves … Continue reading Hogwarts Legacy Review

House of the Dragon: A Prequel of Thrones

Xavier Micka ‘23 Are you a fan of complex relationships and interactions between characters, intense battles, and most importantly, dragons? If you answered yes, then House of the Dragon is definitely a show you should check out. House of the Dragon is airing on HBO Max, and is the prequel to the critically acclaimed Game … Continue reading House of the Dragon: A Prequel of Thrones

Top 5 Anime Currently Streaming 

Matthew Campoverde ‘24 Over the summer, various anime came out that were very enjoyable watches, such as Classroom of the Elite and Call of the Night. However, these anime have come to an end, so us fans find ourselves with a new conundrum. What do we watch now? Luckily, there are numerous anime returning and … Continue reading Top 5 Anime Currently Streaming 

YouTube vs. Twitch

Silas Gonzalez ‘24 The recent PR spirals of media platforms YouTube and Twitch have led to a mass difference of opinion when it comes to their viability.   Recent Changes What was originally a Washington Post Twitch leak was confirmed true on September 21: A message from Twitch President Tom Clancy confirmed that Twitch would be … Continue reading YouTube vs. Twitch