Video Games as a Modern Art Form

Eric Richter '23 When playing your favorite video games, all the factors that go into making the game feel good to play, listen to, and look at might just go over your head . From basic textures of the ground, to the design of the world, and the music that accompanies it, there are multiple … Continue reading Video Games as a Modern Art Form

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

Matthew Campoverde '24 Last Friday, the newest installment of the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 4 Remake, was released. Overall, the game has received very high praise, consistently receiving numerous 5 star reviews and overwhelming approval from the fans. If you’re a fan of the action-horror genre, make sure to give this remake of a … Continue reading Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once (2022)

Matthew Ron Valeriano ’24 A couple of months ago, I wrote a review stating that Bullet Train was the best comedy-action movie I’ve seen in 2022, however, I have changed my mind since then. I recently saw a movie that captured my attention in all aspects: the action scenes, the fantasy, the character’s journey, and … Continue reading Everything, Everywhere, All at Once (2022)

Salesian Spirit Week: The Everlasting Fun

Aaron Jiang '23 It has been yet another thrilling January’s end here at Salesian High, where all the fun de-stresses you after the week-long midterm! Monday and Tuesday were filled with Salesian pride as everyone donned their blue and white on Salesian Day, and dressed to impress on St. Don Bosco Feast Day Mass. Even … Continue reading Salesian Spirit Week: The Everlasting Fun

Regeneron DeSales Trip

Silas Gonzalez ‘24 In spirit of this year’s MCE theme of change, members of the Saint Francis DeSales Honors program visited the Regeneron Lab in Sleepy Hollow, New York. With two separate experiments, the “Detecting a Jumping Gene” lab, and the “Forensic DNA Profiling” lab, students were able to fully experience the evolution of scientific … Continue reading Regeneron DeSales Trip