What Is Starlink?

By Timothy Nguyen '23 Do you know how the internet, your very “lifeline” in the modern age, is provided to you? Personally, I believe it is a process that is heavily underappreciated, and with Starlink, a possibly revolutionary project, it may become even more complex.  SpaceX, a renowned spaceflight company founded by Elon Musk, is … Continue reading What Is Starlink?

Why Be Hype About Salesian Volleyball!!

By Marco La Vecchia Four years ago, the Salesian Volleyball team went undefeated in the regular season and fought hard in the championship. Covid took over the next season. And the Season after that was comparable to the NBA’s “bubble.” So what has become of the team now that many of covid’s restrictions are over? … Continue reading Why Be Hype About Salesian Volleyball!!

Salesian Debate Club – Manhattanville College Ethics Bowl

By Aaron Jiang ‘23 The Debate Club has always had a more subtle existence within the community of Salesian High School. However, with the growing number of new members, the members of the Debate Club have learned to embrace the challenges of debate, while facing the inevitable adversities. For instance, the first debate topic centered … Continue reading Salesian Debate Club – Manhattanville College Ethics Bowl

Salesian Bowling Makes Salesian Proud!

by Marco La Vecchia ‘22 Monday January 24th, the Varsity bowling team honorably represented The Salesian Community as they battled Fordham Prep in the Championship game. Pictured here in the back row (from left to right) Daniel Ramunno, Chris Novielli, William Schmid, and Nicholas Sanchez took on the best four Fordham could offer. The previous … Continue reading Salesian Bowling Makes Salesian Proud!

William Shatner’s Journey to the Final Frontier

Eric N. Narvaez ‘23  “Where no man has gone before.” Those are the famous words from the intro of the Sci-Fi TV show, Star Trek, back in the late 1900s. Now, William Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk in the popular show, was finally able to live out these words by setting the record … Continue reading William Shatner’s Journey to the Final Frontier