What Is Starlink?

By Timothy Nguyen '23 Do you know how the internet, your very “lifeline” in the modern age, is provided to you? Personally, I believe it is a process that is heavily underappreciated, and with Starlink, a possibly revolutionary project, it may become even more complex.  SpaceX, a renowned spaceflight company founded by Elon Musk, is … Continue reading What Is Starlink?

William Shatner’s Journey to the Final Frontier

Eric N. Narvaez ‘23  “Where no man has gone before.” Those are the famous words from the intro of the Sci-Fi TV show, Star Trek, back in the late 1900s. Now, William Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk in the popular show, was finally able to live out these words by setting the record … Continue reading William Shatner’s Journey to the Final Frontier

Spread the Warmth

Salvatore Bonasia ‘22 As temperatures drop, the need for winter accessories becomes more necessary for those in need and homeless. The National Honors Society is collecting any old, new and used winter clothing that students may still have lying around. We would be very grateful if we could come together as a community and be … Continue reading Spread the Warmth

Deathloop Review

As equally monotonous and competitive as the shooting genre is, very few games truly stand out.  Deathloop is not one of them. Silas Gonzalez '24 Deathloop is a first-person time-warping shooter and puzzle game where time has become paramount in your success.  Arkane studios delves deep into the entertaining complications of this time mechanic.  Colt, … Continue reading Deathloop Review

Quick Overview of TeamSeas and The Ocean Cleanup

Timothy Nguyen '23 If you watch YouTube at all, you most likely have heard of the content creators, Mr. Beast and Mark Rober. Known for the immense effort that they put into the production of their videos, they are now using their platforms, both consisting of millions of followers, to spread awareness on the true … Continue reading Quick Overview of TeamSeas and The Ocean Cleanup